Monday, August 4, 2008

A Smashing Time was had by All....

.........or by the builder and his Son at any rate. I haven't seen the result of the removal of the old kitchen in the house but K took a photo for me.

They have also removed the suspended ceiling in the entrance hall to expose the vaulted ceiling, which revealed lots of wires and pipes and two mouse nests - empty ones.

After having seen the photos I dreamed that the builder had a sausage dog called Heather that we were looking after..........analyse that one any amateur dream doctors out there!!
H and I walked up to Mudeford Quay this morning; we went as far as the lifeboat station because on Saturday night we saw the lifeboat coming back on from a shout and after a shout there is usually a poster displayed giving details of the last call out - and find them quite interesting. Anyway we made it to the lifeboat station and back, but I had to stop and rest for about ten minutes on 3 occasions!!! - and the callout summary was very boring - a speed boat rescue - that'll teach me not to be so nosey!! It is quite scary that a walk that normally takes me about 10 minutes could take to long, and we nearly got overtaken by a 300 year old man with a walking stick!! However my physiotherapy sheet says that I should be doing two 30 minute walks by the end of week 3 so I need to keep up the pace!!

I had a visit from a lovely friend this evening which brightened up my day no end; she brought me a beautiful orchid and a nice house magazine which I hope to get some ideas from.

Talking of ideas I found these beautiful tiles today but seeing the price of them I think I might get away with one row as a splashback in the downstairs loo :-(

I have chosen my kitchen and I have chosen my cooker I think I am going to have it in cream and hope that it goes ok with the white units. I do like the latte colour but it is new and costs about £600 more, which seems a lot especially to a stingy devil like me - the flipping thing costs enough as it is - but it is my compromise on having an Aga.

I have been trying to find tiles for the downstairs loo floor today - I quite fancied some rustic looking quarry tiles but I think I am going to go for plain white to make it a bit lighter in there because it is quite dark in there with only one tiddly (snigger) window.
I heard H getting up this morning and thought I would join him for breakfast; got upstairs and found him frying bacon to make himself a bacon sandwich :-) rest assured I will have my answer ready next time he asks if he can get me anything :-)

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