Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mandy Eatwell's Big Day Out

Hey I like. The other the ring of that title - they should make a movie - or am I showing my age?
Well I had my first proper trip out yesterday to Poole to see Super Surgeon at The Spire. My verdict? Not as plush as the Bournemouth Nuffield but nicer than the General :-) He is pleased with how things have gone and said that my nerve was wedged underneath my disc and if it had been left much longer I would have suffered permanent nerve damage. He said it was a tricky operation because of this wedged nerve and he lost weight during the operation - wasn't sure how to take that :-) The other good news is that I am no longer confined to my bed - hooray! I feel a lot more comfortable pottering around as opposed to lying down so that is good. I also went to Sainsbury's with K & H last night which was nice (how sad am I?) but I wasn't allowed to lift anything.

My new chair for the bedroom arrived on Tuesday which is a bit of a pain as it would have been nice to have it delivered to Yeovilton Cottage. It is in a very dark red leather and smells gorgeous.

I have ordered my new fridge for the new kitchen (which is being fitted next week),916.aspx It is lovely and it matches the cooker. Only trouble is that mastercard have been on the phone wanting authorisation from the main cardholder for the purchase :-( I forewarned them that I will be ordering the cooker hood, cooker and dishwasher today too :-)

it is a gorgeous day here today after last night's fantastic lightening. It was quite spectacular going around the bay; I was going to take some pictures but we were just watching the end of Die Hard 4 and I thought that I would take the pictures afterwards but of course it was over by then. I have taken my laptop outside and I am sat on the patio, but I may have to go in again as it is very hot and I can't see the screen that well :-0 Phew that's better - inside again!

I made my first practice Dorset Apple Cake in preparation for the Everton Village Fete Dorset Apple Cake Competition; it came out well considering I just bunged everything into the food processor because I didn't want to stand up for too long!! It's a good job I am not competitive or anything :-)

My runt tomato plants have fruit on them at last, and hopefully they will thrive a bit better now that I do not have to reply on anyone else to water them for me.

My walking is improving and I think that I may be able to make it to my favourite beach front cafe for coffee soon although I'm not sure I fancy crab sandwiches.

The children are making cakes together so I am just steering as clear as possible so they don't stress me out, but they have been threatened if they don't clean up properly afterwards!! Why do they always want to make cakes when an evening meal would be much handier.

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