Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spaced Out

Well I had my first day (well morning) back in the office yesterday and everyone made me feel really welcome - it was so nice to see everyone. We went for our Xmas meal in teh afternoon but it was a little unfortunate becasue I was taking some new painjkillers and they made me feel totally spaced out - quite a nice feeling really but not very sociable!! I was even struggling to cut up my food! The food was nice although I was left a little traumatised due to the fact that my turkey was served with boiled potatoes!

I had several offers of a lift home but I thought that the drugs would have worn off by the time I caught the 4:06 train! However on the train I was feeling even more spaced out and I was struggling to keep my eyes open - I was half expecting to end up in Weymouth!! I was also finding that the motion of the train was making me feel quite nauseous.

I got to Sway station and decided that I was on fit state to drive so thought I had better call a taxi - of course it had to be the day that I had forgotten my mobile!! There was no sign of life at the station so I walked to a pub and they rang a taxi for me, which took me home via H's childminder - but we had to stop on the way home for me to be sick - I kept on protesting that I was not pissed but I suspect the driver thought otherwise!!