Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ahh - a lovely moment - almost

I said to Kev this morning 'I wish I knew how many nights I have left with you before my operation ' (i.e I knew when I was going in - the Friday or the Saturday'.

He replied 'we will have the next 50 years of nights together'...., how sweet I though ..then he continued 'although by the time I am 97 you will have to be wiping my arse for me..'



Well we have completed at last - hope we haven't made an expensive mistake :-(

At least now I can publish some of my interior 'before' photos.

The conservatory has to go - it leaks, it is damp, it has green things growing in it and it is generally rather hideous. But the most hideous thing of all is those curtains; I fear they may once have been white!!
The kitchen is pretty grim and I discovered mouse droppings in there yesterday :-( I wonder if there is an ebay market for retro tiles?

The kitchen really has to go - all that green carpet - yuk. Who is that man? Maybe he is a chef or a butler or something and he comes with the house?
The garden is lovely and we are hoping to get someone to keep it looking tidy before we move in; the previous gardener quoted me 40 hours per month - I don't think so!!! Oh and STOP PRESS when I went to the house yesterday, some bugger has nabbed every single fig off my bloody fig tree!!!

Sian still hasn't seen the house unbelievably and wasn't even tempted by the offer of fish and chip supper up there tomorrow! In a way I think she is doing us a favour as we would never hear the end of her moaning if she did see it before it is finished.

I am hoping to get Noggers the woodworm man up to the house next week to quote for treatment - and to stop me having nightmares about wood boring beetles flying around my head.

I am thinking of opening an online retro lamshade shop; unless Briony really wants them - she is welcome to them if she does.

I also do a line of dodgy sweet wrapper electric fires.

Knobs - oh I love the doors and the door knobs in the house wooden latch and leather strap type affairs and brass looking knobs - they will be staying oh and keys - there are hundreds of the things lying around the house with strange labels on them. I got quite excited yesterday when I found a key labelled 'cellar'. I have always wanted a cellar so I went in search of it, finding it hard
to believe it I had missed it. I found it in the end - it was actually one of the outbuildings :-(


When I took H up there the other day every time I looked at him he had a different key in his hand. He was delighted to find a big key in his bedroom door, but couldn't get it to work - could prove a blessing :-)

Bathrooms are going to prove a lot of works for us - the previous owners seemed really fond of these archway affairs over the bath - most odd. I am hoping to be able to fit one of those great big almost square baths in to replace the yellow bath.

They must have put a lot of effort into matching up the wallpaper and the suite in the downstairs loo; thank God the listings people didn't declare that the brown and blue wallpaper was listed!!

Anyway if we run out of money I have decided that I will open a home for the vertically challenged; the front door will be perfect!!