Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to Write Something out of Nothing

How do I write something about the trivialities of my life when I have done nothing? It's quite hard work I can tell you! I have got a day's peace and quiet because Kev has taken the kids to Thorpe park again; at least I don't feel as if I am missing out because I loath rides and when we go to those places I am always the one who ends up hanging around for hours carrying bags, waiting for everyone else to come off the rides. At least we are not going to Florida this year.
The builder is starting to rip the old kitchen out of the 'new' house today so that is good - it will be nice to start to see something being done.
I have been in quite a lot of pain over the last few days - it involved setting Kevin on the GP - he is very good at that kind of thing whilst those of you who know me well will know that I shy away from confrontation.
A bit of a panicky email to Super Surgeon yesterday resulted in him ringing me today just offering reassurance really - apparently my body is going to take time to adjust to all my nerves being in the right place. What a nice man. I am due to see him next week in Poole which will be an adventure in itself because it will be the first time I have been out apart from going up to the doctors to get my staples out! Kev wants to drive me, but I think I would rather go on the train to be honest as it is only 20 minutes and it will give me more opportunity to move around during the journey, compared to being in the car for probably about 40 minutes.
I am signing off now as I am feeling quite sleepy; I think people are not emailing me because I am recuperating, but I am sleeping with my laptop and I do enjoy getting emails; if you don't know it my hotmail account is

Monday, July 28, 2008

Call Me a Wimp

Well I had my staples out - ouch - although some were more ouch than others! I had my first ten minute walk this morning and it really is quite frightening - it took me the whole time to get as far as I can normally get in about two minutes! - and I had to stop half way too; I must have looked like an old lady! My goal is to be able to get as far as my favourite beach front cafe for coffee - although amazingly I haven't had a single coffee since I came out of hospital - I think theirs has put me off for life :-)

The surgeon said it would be good for me to walk in the water so I set off this evening - all costumed up, and then it started pouring down - shame!! The trouble is I'm not sure how deep I need to be to get the benefit - I'm not sure that I want to be going as far up as my scar in salt water :-( I have emailed him to ask him.

I am feeling a little as though I have no idea what went on during that operation (the osteo was unable to make the new date) and I feel as though I want to know so I may have to grill the surgeon when I see him again next week.

It's Sian's 14th birthday tomorrow so I shall try and bite my tongue the whole day so there are no arguments. She should be happy as her smurf hoodie arrived from the states today as did her tickets to see The Feeling.

Oh I nearly forgot today's big news - I had my first shower for over a week, due to the removal of the staples! Oh it felt good, and my hair feels even better now it has been washed and is no longer sticking to my head! I know I am a wimp, but I did decide against using my salt scrub!

Staples Out

Hooray, I am having my staples out today which is the highlight of my life at the moment; it may not sound very exciting to you but let me assure you that it would if you hadn't had a shower for a week!! Yesterday when I was getting semi dressed for my 10 minute walk I caught the staples on my jeans - ouch!!!!!! Last night I dreamed that the nurse couldn't get them all out - I hope that isn't an omen :-(

Kev is on leave this week to look after me, so he has taken the kids off out shopping and for lunch, but at least that means there is no squabbling for me to listen to. My surgeon said it would be really good to walk in water once I have had my staples out, so I have a dilemma - do I get driven 20 minutes to the pool, only to be in the water for about ten minutes, or do I bite the bullet and go in the sea this evening? Am I more worried about the cold or the salt?

Anyway I thought I would publish a picture of my whopping scar for the less squeamish amongst you; I did send it off to be airbrushed but the picture that came back was so small you couldn't see it :-) Anyway the cut is about as long as one and a half of my hands which surprised me.

The surgeon said my bones were so strong he got blisters on his hands cutting them :-( not sure if that was what I wanted to hear or not :-)

Thank You for the Flowers

Thank you to everyone who sent me the most gorgeous flowers; not only do they look beautiful but they smell fantastic too; they look more and more impressive every day as more flowers come into bloom. I have them in the vase in my bedroom and every so often I get a waft of their scent.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Beautiful day

It really is a gorgeous day and I am living in my own little world, lying in bed, feeling the sea breeze, listening to the sounds of the beach and the world going by. Kev says that outside the beach and the prom are absolutely heaving - it's as though I have my own private sanctuary here. I a surreal moment earlier; today there is an RNLI fun day taking place at Mudeford Quay and I keep on hearing tannoy announcements. Suddenly I heard just the loudest noise ever and looked up to see what looked like a fighter jet going past my window! There was then a display up and down the coast - it was just really odd the way it seemed as if they were so close they were going straight past my window! I hope they didn't peek in at me in my PJs :-)

Kevin and the children were going to go shopping today of all things!!! I think I have talked them out of it and persuaded them to go tomorrow instead when it is meant to be wet, but Sian has still insisted on wearing a bloody fleecy hoody all day long, even when I managed to kick them out onto the beach for some fresh air!!

Kev has popped over to the house today. the damp course and the wood worm are now done and hopefully the builder can start on something more interesting next week.

I was dreading running out of painkillers as I don't want to have to feel as though I am beggging the GP for more, but today the pain does feel as though it has eased so maybe I won't need to. I can try walking today - 2 walks of up to 10 minutes. I am going to wait until the crowds have gone down outside and walk for 10, sit down and then do my other 10. The surgeon said it would be good to walk in water, so I may go in the sea tomorrow evening if I am feeling brave!! It seems a bit more environmentally friendly than being driven to the gym just to spend 10 minutes in the pool.

I am looking forward to having my staples out tomorrow - I think there are about 25 of them and they are not very comfortable. Hayden commete that they look just like the ones they get in paper at school :-) However, I assure you that if the work stationery cupboard is short of staples 'it wasn't me!!'

I'm not quite sure how they get these staples out, but I have been given what feels like an office staple extractor in a sealed envelope to give to the Practice Nurse :-) However much it hurts, it will be worth it knowing that I can have a shower afterwards! I haven't had one since last Monday at the hospital, when they covered my wound up with a waterproof dressing and my hair is kind of sticking to my head :-)

Talking of the hospital, did I share horror stories? First of all on my last day there a porter started to wheel me off for someone else's radiotherapy!! It's a good job he said where he was taking me because I was actually waiting to be wheeled off for x-rays!!! Mental note to self never to fall asleep during the day whilst in hospital!

The second thing made me laugh really; on my last day they had NHS inspectors in; one lady took a particular interest in the ventron in my hand. She was trying to decide whether or not the little cap should be closed on it or not. She then decided that it should be, proceeded to close it up and then wandered off. She didn't wash her hands before or after touching me; you;ve got to laugh really!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Week Since Op

Well, hard to believe it is a week since my op. I am tiring of being 'looked after' - maybe I am just not a good patient :-)

I think I have been asleep most of the afternoon, but not been sleeping at night so it figures. Did have a really nice dream about my super surgeon and his lovely smile :-) He has been very attentive and sweet - I guess that is private healthcare for you.

I received some beautiful flowers from work the other day and I have them up in the bedroom; they still look gorgeous.

My Husband is off on leave next week rather than working from home; I think he will be better off doing things with the kids and getting them out and about rather than 'looking after' me.

I think the pain has lessened now and I can lie more comfortably; I am just really looking forward to getting the dammned staples taken out on Monday - they are just so uncomfortable - especially to a sensitive sole like me :-)

Today I have been thinking about the other ladies that were in hospital with me and I hope they get home soon - I think they had all been there a long time. I felt like a bit of a lightweight getting upset about being there on day 3 when they had all been there ages. I just hated the lack of privacy. However I have since decided that there is a double edged sword with this; hospital is less boring than being by yourself at home because there is always something going on to do with someone else to hear all about :-)

I was thinking about the private healthcare thing - although I was on a ward, I did get at least one visit a day from both the surgeon and the anaesthetist, which was really sweet as they didn't have to - particularly the anaesthetist as he can't really have had anything to add. He is off on holiday this weekend so I hope he has a good one. I do however keep seeing the look of horror on his face when they had wheeled me down for the op and I was on the bed in a strange sort of ante room with lots of people in it including him and Super Surgeon; I started joking about wanting an epidural - anyway the look on the anaesthetist's face was an absolute picture :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Post Op

Well I am back in the land of the living, if a little sore. Meant to be having as much bed rest as possible for 6 weeks but it is so boring. Hardly any pain killers now as they were making my gut bleed :-( oh well can't go on troughing pain killers forever.

I am typing in bed - trouble is it is so hard to get comfortable - another sleepless night last night. I have managed to stay awake all day so hopefully will get some sleep tonight. Looking forward to having my staples out on Monday as they are irritating me; although there is bound to be some kind of palaver - there always seems to be some kind of grief when it comes to me and my GP surgery :-(