Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to Write Something out of Nothing

How do I write something about the trivialities of my life when I have done nothing? It's quite hard work I can tell you! I have got a day's peace and quiet because Kev has taken the kids to Thorpe park again; at least I don't feel as if I am missing out because I loath rides and when we go to those places I am always the one who ends up hanging around for hours carrying bags, waiting for everyone else to come off the rides. At least we are not going to Florida this year.
The builder is starting to rip the old kitchen out of the 'new' house today so that is good - it will be nice to start to see something being done.
I have been in quite a lot of pain over the last few days - it involved setting Kevin on the GP - he is very good at that kind of thing whilst those of you who know me well will know that I shy away from confrontation.
A bit of a panicky email to Super Surgeon yesterday resulted in him ringing me today just offering reassurance really - apparently my body is going to take time to adjust to all my nerves being in the right place. What a nice man. I am due to see him next week in Poole which will be an adventure in itself because it will be the first time I have been out apart from going up to the doctors to get my staples out! Kev wants to drive me, but I think I would rather go on the train to be honest as it is only 20 minutes and it will give me more opportunity to move around during the journey, compared to being in the car for probably about 40 minutes.
I am signing off now as I am feeling quite sleepy; I think people are not emailing me because I am recuperating, but I am sleeping with my laptop and I do enjoy getting emails; if you don't know it my hotmail account is

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