Friday, July 25, 2008

A Week Since Op

Well, hard to believe it is a week since my op. I am tiring of being 'looked after' - maybe I am just not a good patient :-)

I think I have been asleep most of the afternoon, but not been sleeping at night so it figures. Did have a really nice dream about my super surgeon and his lovely smile :-) He has been very attentive and sweet - I guess that is private healthcare for you.

I received some beautiful flowers from work the other day and I have them up in the bedroom; they still look gorgeous.

My Husband is off on leave next week rather than working from home; I think he will be better off doing things with the kids and getting them out and about rather than 'looking after' me.

I think the pain has lessened now and I can lie more comfortably; I am just really looking forward to getting the dammned staples taken out on Monday - they are just so uncomfortable - especially to a sensitive sole like me :-)

Today I have been thinking about the other ladies that were in hospital with me and I hope they get home soon - I think they had all been there a long time. I felt like a bit of a lightweight getting upset about being there on day 3 when they had all been there ages. I just hated the lack of privacy. However I have since decided that there is a double edged sword with this; hospital is less boring than being by yourself at home because there is always something going on to do with someone else to hear all about :-)

I was thinking about the private healthcare thing - although I was on a ward, I did get at least one visit a day from both the surgeon and the anaesthetist, which was really sweet as they didn't have to - particularly the anaesthetist as he can't really have had anything to add. He is off on holiday this weekend so I hope he has a good one. I do however keep seeing the look of horror on his face when they had wheeled me down for the op and I was on the bed in a strange sort of ante room with lots of people in it including him and Super Surgeon; I started joking about wanting an epidural - anyway the look on the anaesthetist's face was an absolute picture :-)

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