Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life, Death and Lollypops

Crikey can't believe it is so long since I posted. We're still moving in on the 27th; the kitchen is 99% finished and the tilers are starting tomorrow. When we went over last night (to drop more boxes off) two baths were in place (the whirlpool bath has a leak though) but no showers or new loos yet. The range has been unwrapped though and looks superb. I have also ordered a fantastically retro looking toaster but it has not yet arrived.

I went to order carpet for the upstairs bedrooms today but got a bit carried away I decided, when the bill came to £1600 for two rooms!! I think I will go in and choose something a bit cheaper tomorrow, after all it is only for bedrooms, and if I spend £1600 K will expect it to stay down for about the next 30 years!!

I picked H up from school today and he had that look on his face, as if he was about to burst into tears; I gave him a hug and he first instinct was to worry that he was being bullied. However it turned out the school had just held a memorial in the church for Mr Jim, the school lollypop man who died just before the summer holidays. Anyway apparently H was asked to hold Mr Jim's lollypop during the service, and it was all too much for him; poor little fella - he is so sensitive. I was just relieved he wasn't being bullied.

I am very disappointed with my gardening efforts this year - I have harvested one tomato, and I have been carefully watering what I thought were miniature aubergine plants, only to be informed that I have been nurturing weeds - how did that happen, when I grew the bloody things from seed? - and I thought they were growing so well!!

I have decided that I want to get a British shorthair kitten when we move - I have been cuddling Mr Fatty, the local specimen this afternoon - he is just so lovely and cuddly - almost teddy bear-like. I will try and take a picture of him to show you.

I am being very lazy and have arranged to have someone in to clean the oven next Friday - I just can't get down there - that's my excuse, and I am sticking to it!! I must admit I am also quite tempted to get someone in to clean once we have moved our stuff out too!!

In a way it will be sad to leave the beach house, but I am looking forward to having our own house again. Our landlord rang during the week to check when we were moving out, which I initially thought was a bit cheeky since the rent is paid until the 2nd - and then he said that we were very welcome to stay on a couple of weeks longer rent free if we wanted to - wow, how unbelievably kind of him - I was really touched.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Work in Progress 2

Well I have gone blogger mad today; probably due to the fact that I overdid things on Saturday and I am in a lot of pain today - it's my own fault and I have totally negated the soothing affect of the acupuncture I had on Friday!!

Some updated photos from this morning.

Things are starting to look a bit more civilised! The kids chose their own room colours - Hayden is colour blind - Sian doesn't really have an excuse!! I did however put my foot down when H asked if he could have his ceiling painted in squares of all the left over paint from the house!

The funny looking wall in our room is much nicer in real life - a kind of aubergine colour - quite spectacular.

Must go now and get back to packing for H - off on school trip for a week tomorrow.

The Aga Saga

- well the Rangemaster Saga at any rate - and they are now owned by Aga.

The Range

Delivery 1- 18th August

Cooker arrives, delivery people can't get it through kitchen/hall door without unwrapping it. Don't want to unwrap due to building work going on.

Back door is wide enough but they can't get through back gate due to skips in the way. Skips due to be emptied later in the week so they say they will redeliver the following Friday.

'Delivery' 2 - the following Friday

Get a call from builders at 4pm saying cooker hasn't arrived. Ring and am told that the delivery guys never rescheduled the delivery.

Delivery is rescheduled for the 27th.

'Delivery' 3 - August 27th

Get a call the evening before saying that the delivery will be between 10.30 and 2.30 the following day.

Get a call from the builder at 4pm saying that the cooker has not arrived. Ring delivery centre and am told that the cooker has been delivered. I assure them that it hasn't and they promise to get someone to ring me the following day.

At around 6pm when my visitors have just arrived, I get a call from the delivery drivers saying that they are running a little late and will be with me in about half an hour I tell them that it is too late, and that I am not living at the delivery address and I cannot get there due to visitors.

I ring the delivery centre the next day and they tell me that I have to go back into the branch where I bought the cooker, get a refund and rebuy it - a little difficult seeing as I bought it online!! Eventually get the delivery rescheduled for the following Saturday.

''Delivery' 4 - the following Saturday

No phone call the night before about delivery so after 9pm I ring the automated system in order to get a delivery slot. The system cannot give me a time and I know that the office is not manned until 9am so I get up on the Saturday and leave here at 7.30am to make sure that I get to the house by 8am just in case. Picture the scene - me sat in the kitchen on a camp chair in the freezing cold kitchen, rain coming through the roof in several places and no working lights!! At least the pouring rain gave me the opportunity to check out which bits of guttering were leaking!!

9am arrives so I ring the delivery centre to ask about my delivery slot, only to be told that 'your delivery has been changed to Tuesday because we are not coming to your area today'!! Nice of them to tell me!!

Delivery is rearrange for the following Tuesday.

Sunday night - get a phone call from the delivery centre asking me if I am aware that my delivery has been changed from Saturday to Tuesday!!! The irony was not wasted on me!!!

Monday night - receive a phone call from the delivery centre informing me that my Tuesday delivery will be coming between 7am and 11am, but advising us that we are the first delivery so they could be as early as 6.45!!!!!!!

'Delivery' 5 - The best one

Leave Mudeford at 6.15 to ensure that I am at the house by 6.45. Get a call at 7.15 saying they delivery guys will be with me within half an hour. The guys arrive at 7.45, and walk into the kitchen. They look at the obvious hole for the cooker and say 'We can see where the cooker is going, but where is it?' Good joke!!!

Alas they jested not - they had been sent on a service call to fit the cooker (we had never asked for it to be fitted) and thought it had already been delivered!!! Oh you've got to laugh!!! They rang the delivery centre and were told it could be delivered the following day - same time slot.

Delivery 6 - 3 September

Hooray - it has arrived, but still not unwrapped so hope it's ok!!!
I emailed customer services and had a little bit of a rant, and they clearly didn't appreciated how pissed off I was, as their response was to refund my £19.99 delivery charge!!!!!!! Personally I think I need a bloody medal for my patience!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Work In Progress 1

Due to popular demand, an update on the house. We are definitely moving on on September 27th. This is the living room this week, although one of the baths has been moved into the conservatory. (could add a little something to social occasions!!)

The hall - shouldn't look too bad once the decorating stuff has been cleared up.

Utility room & fridge - there are some units in it now. In fact the whole kitchen is probably about 70% done now.
The living room looks as though a bomb has hit it!! I just can't picture myself sitting in here of an evening!
I will go over today and take some more photos as I am sure some progress has been made this week; hopefully the roof leaks have been fixed so the bloody place is a little more watertight!!