Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life, Death and Lollypops

Crikey can't believe it is so long since I posted. We're still moving in on the 27th; the kitchen is 99% finished and the tilers are starting tomorrow. When we went over last night (to drop more boxes off) two baths were in place (the whirlpool bath has a leak though) but no showers or new loos yet. The range has been unwrapped though and looks superb. I have also ordered a fantastically retro looking toaster but it has not yet arrived.

I went to order carpet for the upstairs bedrooms today but got a bit carried away I decided, when the bill came to £1600 for two rooms!! I think I will go in and choose something a bit cheaper tomorrow, after all it is only for bedrooms, and if I spend £1600 K will expect it to stay down for about the next 30 years!!

I picked H up from school today and he had that look on his face, as if he was about to burst into tears; I gave him a hug and he first instinct was to worry that he was being bullied. However it turned out the school had just held a memorial in the church for Mr Jim, the school lollypop man who died just before the summer holidays. Anyway apparently H was asked to hold Mr Jim's lollypop during the service, and it was all too much for him; poor little fella - he is so sensitive. I was just relieved he wasn't being bullied.

I am very disappointed with my gardening efforts this year - I have harvested one tomato, and I have been carefully watering what I thought were miniature aubergine plants, only to be informed that I have been nurturing weeds - how did that happen, when I grew the bloody things from seed? - and I thought they were growing so well!!

I have decided that I want to get a British shorthair kitten when we move - I have been cuddling Mr Fatty, the local specimen this afternoon - he is just so lovely and cuddly - almost teddy bear-like. I will try and take a picture of him to show you.

I am being very lazy and have arranged to have someone in to clean the oven next Friday - I just can't get down there - that's my excuse, and I am sticking to it!! I must admit I am also quite tempted to get someone in to clean once we have moved our stuff out too!!

In a way it will be sad to leave the beach house, but I am looking forward to having our own house again. Our landlord rang during the week to check when we were moving out, which I initially thought was a bit cheeky since the rent is paid until the 2nd - and then he said that we were very welcome to stay on a couple of weeks longer rent free if we wanted to - wow, how unbelievably kind of him - I was really touched.

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