Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Sorry not to have added to this for ages - my excuse is that I couldn't find the charger for my camera poor excuse I know!

Anyway before my battery ran out I did take a few pictures of the progress on the house. although I could probably do with taking some more now.

Progress seems a bit slow now, as we have been waiting for our new rooflights to arrive; it is a bit depressing when you think of all the money that we have spent and the fact that we have to have buckets around the house when it rains hard!!!

I found evidence of mice in one of the kitchen cupboards on Monday - I was too scared to tell Kev that I don't want to live in the countryside anymore, so I went out and bought a kitten instead - trouble is I think it would run a mile if it saw a mouse!!

It's ironic really because last Saturday evening we were lying in bed and Kev kept on saying that there was an animal in the bedroom and I told him he was going mad! In the end he got up and H's hamster had done a bit of a Houdini and was scuttling around our room. As it turned out this was a taste of things to come in the kitchen!

This is the puss.

She is very cute but a bit of a time waster! She fell asleep lying on me yesterday evening much to the consternation of the kids who both wanted her!!

I had tickets to see Scouting for Girls last Saturday which I had to give up much to my disappointment as I didn't think I would be able to last - rather than waste them I made Kev take H!!

The new rooflights have now arrived which is good and there is a man on the roof which is even more promising.

I am feeling much stronger this week and had my first one to one pilates session yesterday, which was a little trying, since I try and avoid being the centre of attention at all times during classes - but this is simply not possible with a one to one and your core/neutral spine is the teacher's total focus; what a shame I've lost my core! Maybe I should advertise on Hantsnet for a new one!

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