Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold November

Hello everyone. I think I need to come back to work because this house is so cold during the winter!! Nala is very funny and is providing me with lots of first aid opportunities - I am covered from head to toe in puncture marks - she seems to love climbing up my legs and jumping high and attaching herself to the first bit of flesh she finds!

I am spending a lot of time at the gym trying to rebuild my core strength; -1 hour in the gym, half an hour walking in the pool and then an hour of pilates when I get home, provided that the cat doesn't jump on me too much.

I have been busy making Christmas puds and cakes; I think I know why I love doing this - it is the smell of freshly grated nutmeg - absolutely divine - one of my top 10 things to smell before you die (unlike Nala's litter tray!)

The scaffolding is down on the main part of the house now but some more will be going up the first week of December so that the roofer can re roof the lower part of the roof and install the rooflights. I am looking forward to this because it is a bit depressing to have spent so much money on the house but to still need to have buckets around the house in various awkward spots when it rains.

Hayden was 11 yesterday so we went out for a curry - very nice but I still feel stuffed now - probably not helped by the fact that I went out for lunch yesterday as well!! I can't believe he is really that old now :-(

My Sister and Sian have been trying to pressgang me into having a birthday party at home in February but I'm not sure - I am kind of thinking that if I had one at home it would be better for it to be belated and held in the spring/summer so people may be able to spill out into the garden - and of course I don't like being bullied into anything!! Maybe I will get my Husband to take me away somewhere nice for a weekend instead.

The inside of the house is nearly finished now apart from flooring downstairs, on the stairs and on the landing upstairs. The toilet is also still unconnected in the main bathroom and our plumber has gone AWOL again, but I think the builder has it in hand - he has dug a big hole outside anyway!! Once the rooflights have been done we can also do the roof in the entrance hall - and then we are more or less done inside and we can concentrate on the conservatory.

I am seeing the GP tomorrow so hopefully he will agree my back to work plan (mid december) and also the osteopath so he can do something nice to me such as stick needles in my neck!! Nala is having her second lot of jabs later this weeks so she will officially be allowed to go outside but I think she is a bit small to go out by herself just yet - so she may have to be taken out on her lead :-)

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