Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Beautiful day

It really is a gorgeous day and I am living in my own little world, lying in bed, feeling the sea breeze, listening to the sounds of the beach and the world going by. Kev says that outside the beach and the prom are absolutely heaving - it's as though I have my own private sanctuary here. I a surreal moment earlier; today there is an RNLI fun day taking place at Mudeford Quay and I keep on hearing tannoy announcements. Suddenly I heard just the loudest noise ever and looked up to see what looked like a fighter jet going past my window! There was then a display up and down the coast - it was just really odd the way it seemed as if they were so close they were going straight past my window! I hope they didn't peek in at me in my PJs :-)

Kevin and the children were going to go shopping today of all things!!! I think I have talked them out of it and persuaded them to go tomorrow instead when it is meant to be wet, but Sian has still insisted on wearing a bloody fleecy hoody all day long, even when I managed to kick them out onto the beach for some fresh air!!

Kev has popped over to the house today. the damp course and the wood worm are now done and hopefully the builder can start on something more interesting next week.

I was dreading running out of painkillers as I don't want to have to feel as though I am beggging the GP for more, but today the pain does feel as though it has eased so maybe I won't need to. I can try walking today - 2 walks of up to 10 minutes. I am going to wait until the crowds have gone down outside and walk for 10, sit down and then do my other 10. The surgeon said it would be good to walk in water, so I may go in the sea tomorrow evening if I am feeling brave!! It seems a bit more environmentally friendly than being driven to the gym just to spend 10 minutes in the pool.

I am looking forward to having my staples out tomorrow - I think there are about 25 of them and they are not very comfortable. Hayden commete that they look just like the ones they get in paper at school :-) However, I assure you that if the work stationery cupboard is short of staples 'it wasn't me!!'

I'm not quite sure how they get these staples out, but I have been given what feels like an office staple extractor in a sealed envelope to give to the Practice Nurse :-) However much it hurts, it will be worth it knowing that I can have a shower afterwards! I haven't had one since last Monday at the hospital, when they covered my wound up with a waterproof dressing and my hair is kind of sticking to my head :-)

Talking of the hospital, did I share horror stories? First of all on my last day there a porter started to wheel me off for someone else's radiotherapy!! It's a good job he said where he was taking me because I was actually waiting to be wheeled off for x-rays!!! Mental note to self never to fall asleep during the day whilst in hospital!

The second thing made me laugh really; on my last day they had NHS inspectors in; one lady took a particular interest in the ventron in my hand. She was trying to decide whether or not the little cap should be closed on it or not. She then decided that it should be, proceeded to close it up and then wandered off. She didn't wash her hands before or after touching me; you;ve got to laugh really!!

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