Monday, July 28, 2008

Call Me a Wimp

Well I had my staples out - ouch - although some were more ouch than others! I had my first ten minute walk this morning and it really is quite frightening - it took me the whole time to get as far as I can normally get in about two minutes! - and I had to stop half way too; I must have looked like an old lady! My goal is to be able to get as far as my favourite beach front cafe for coffee - although amazingly I haven't had a single coffee since I came out of hospital - I think theirs has put me off for life :-)

The surgeon said it would be good for me to walk in the water so I set off this evening - all costumed up, and then it started pouring down - shame!! The trouble is I'm not sure how deep I need to be to get the benefit - I'm not sure that I want to be going as far up as my scar in salt water :-( I have emailed him to ask him.

I am feeling a little as though I have no idea what went on during that operation (the osteo was unable to make the new date) and I feel as though I want to know so I may have to grill the surgeon when I see him again next week.

It's Sian's 14th birthday tomorrow so I shall try and bite my tongue the whole day so there are no arguments. She should be happy as her smurf hoodie arrived from the states today as did her tickets to see The Feeling.

Oh I nearly forgot today's big news - I had my first shower for over a week, due to the removal of the staples! Oh it felt good, and my hair feels even better now it has been washed and is no longer sticking to my head! I know I am a wimp, but I did decide against using my salt scrub!

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