Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cake Travesty

I went to the local fete today for (for the new house) for a short while but tired very easily. They appeared to take it all very seriously with a standard recipe and cake tin size and shape, so I made a real effort to get a cake tin the right size. I was a little bit pissed off when I got to the fete and there were cakes of all shapes and sizes on display so I asked (tongue in cheek) if all the round ones were going to be disqualified, only to be told that no one could find an 8 inch cake tin so they were allowing all shapes and sizes, and by the way, the metric ingredients list was wrong!! My cake tasted fine (as did the two practice ones :-) but it didn't look as big as some of the others.

We have been living in Mudeford for nearly a year now and for the first time this week I saw the lifeboat returning to base (I have since seen it for a second time this week). The first time I had my camera so took some photos. I didn't realise that the little tractor went so far into the water.

Tonight is the end of Christchurch Carnival week so we should get a good view of the fireworks tonight. I am not sure whether or not we will see anything of the Bournemouth air show over the bank holiday weekend. i have to admit to being slightly paranoid about the coastguard helicopter; it goes so close to the house it feels as though they can see into my bedroom although I'm sure they can't!

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