Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kiss of Death on the Weather

Please will everyone accept my heartfelt apology for putting the kiss of death on the weather this summer, due to being off work! I can't believe it is so grotty! Saying that I can still hear kids playing on the beach and there is one windsurfer out, so I suppose the weather can't be that bad today. At least it is dry.

The house is still going through a destructive as opposed to constructive stage; the kitchen fitter has been delayed yet again but is meant to be starting this Friday now. I must admit I am a bit bored with being asked to choose things like tiles and paint colours - it is just so boring, and because we have so many rooms to do I constantly have to be budget conscious. We currently have decorators in and they are beavering away stripping wallpaper at the moment. It's quite sweet in the kitchen because there is some graffiti on the walls dating back to the 1950s, so I have told the builders that they should add their own 2008 additions - I am going to. The builders have also uncovered a screwed up sheet of newspaper dated April 14th 1914, reporting all kinds of interesting news, including a court case regarding the theft of 20 chickens valued at £5 - this seems an awful lot of money!

H has been in the kitchen making scones this morning, making lots of strange noises and lots of mess too - but at least it tears him away from the TV! I am trying not to look at the scones because they look bloody gorgeous, and I am trying not to go back down the slippery slope of eating that kind of thing! I may have to break out the cream and jam and encourage the kids to eat the whole lot! Oh as a beside, how funny is this - I was out with H once and he doesn't like dried fruit so he selected a cheese scone on M & S and then tried to pick up cream and jam to go with it!!!! LOL! I had to explain that they don't really go!! - a bit like my purple Crocs that the poor child has taken to wearing - they don't look very masculine so I did tell the poor colour blind child that they are bright purple but he didn't care - says he just wears them to save having to put on socks!!

We haven't been doing an awful lot as I am still meant to be taking it easy, so the kids have been glued to the Olympics. S the Slug is full of baloney about her sporting ability; one minute she is going to start cycling to school (about 8 miles each way) the next minute she is going to start swimming before school every day!! I am very good at taking it as seriously as she says it but privately find it pretty hilarious, coming from a child who doesn't get up until gone midday if she gets the chance!!

I have now got a physiotherapy appointment for next week which I am pleased about; it is at the Harbour Hospital in Poole, which is not as nice plush as the Nuffield in Poole, but nicer than some other places!!

It was lovely to see Lynda on Monday, but yet again the weather was terrible, and we got soaked whilst out for a walk, but at least she had brought her coat, as I knew she would as she likes walking in that kind of weather.

Not much planned for the rest of the week; the time is flying by and I do tend to forget what day of the week it is. I made an appointment this morning to see the doctor as I need some new painkillers - the first appointment available with any doctor was the 28th of August!!

OOH I WANT A SCONE!!!!!!!!!!

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