Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where is my bloody range?

First meant to be delivered on the 18th but they couldn't get it through the kitchen door in its packaging and didn't want to unwrap it with all the building work going on. They said they would deliver it on the Friday instead, by which time the skip would have been emptied and moved. The poor guys had been driving around for ages because their printed delivery note was pointing them to number 5 and not number 57.

Friday came and went, as did the skip - but no cooker. When I rang the redelivery had never been scheduled, so they rescheduled for today. Being a helpful sort of person I rang the delivery centre to tell them about the address but they said they couldn't change it and I needed to ring another number; I rang the number and they told me I needed to contact the delivery centre - at which point (having been kept waiting for so long) I semi exploded, so they offered to inform the delivery centre for me. It all looked quite hopeful when we had a call yesterday, promising said delivery for between 10 and 2 today. I hold out little hope for the superfridge actually turning up as promised on Thursday!

The builder rang at 4 to say the cooker hadn't arrived and he was going home. I rang the Company I had bought the cooker from to relay my sorry tale - but it's ok, they say it has been delivered!!! Mmmm I will just have to tell the builder that he is mistaken and they slipped it into the house without him noticing!!

A quiet weekend this last one - which is good but I am suffering today having walked too far yesterday. I am starting physiotherapy tomorrow which should be interesting. The house is still horribly quiet with no H, but I had his foot damage repaired today - what a beautiful new clean windscreen! I am really missing the olympics now it has finished - no gushing of patriotic pride to wake up to anymore. it seems hard to believe that it is really three years since we were awarded the 2010 gig.

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