Monday, August 11, 2008

The One Where I Show off My Lifesaving Skills

Well I was sat on the balcony yesterday, taking in some rays and getting some fresh air, when a dirty great big kestrel landed on the lawn below, with a pigeon in its mouth. Now, I really was planning to let nature take its course - after all it's just nature, and the kestrel has got to eat - and pigeons aren't exactly my favourite bird! Anyway I got up what I thought was quietly to get Kev out to come and watch, and the bloody kestrel flew off, leaving the pigeon (I think it was quite young) shaking on the lawn. it then went and hid behind the rosemary.

I checked half an hour later and it was still there; this was when I started to feel really guilty - not only had I caused a kestrel to go without its lunch, but I had an injured pigeon on my hands :-( I rang the RSPCA (I know I'm mad) and they said to catch it, wearing gloves, to confine it in a box, and they would come and collect it the following day. The following tableau of Kev doing his Dick Dastardly impression was quite amusing - and then the bloody thing flew off, looking decidedly lopsided!! Even though it was a pigeon, I hope it was alright and didn't just fly off to die somewhere, and I'm sure the kestrel didn't go hungry for long.

I had another lovely visitor on Saturday - thanks - it's so nice to see people; unfortunately the weather wasn't very good though.

My lovely Sister popped around on Sunday with her brood; she is excited because my Niece has got a screen test for a TV program on Wednesday.

I went to the house towards the end of the week for the first time since before my op; things are definitely happening, and hopefully the kitchen is being fitted (or started this week). We also have scaffolding around the whole house now, ready for the drain pipes and painting.

I also encountered a bit of a budget problem; I found some beautiful Fired Earth tiles for the kitchen; I looked up the price and thought they seemed a bit excessive - £340 per s q m. I showed Kev, just for the devilment, and he informed me that he has budgeted £10 per sq m :-)

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