Sunday, April 6, 2008

House Colour

As those of you that know me have realised by now, I do not like the colour of the new house. The conservation people have assured me that we may not need official planning permission to change the colour - they may just be able to agree it by letter, so I am going to finish drafting the letter today.

The Tuscan Red walls (yes they are Tuscan Red and not Plaster Pink!!) are going to be Wimborne White, which is white with a very feint hint of blue (apparently). The bluey grey bits are going to be Blackened, which is a much paler blue colour and the white bits on the windows are going to stay white gloss. The lamppost is going to be Blackened too.

Took some pictures of the garden yesterday; this is the fig tree which is covered in fruit but I think they may be last year's so maybe they should be removed?

I have also tempted fate I fear, by buying seeds yesterday so that by the time we have completed I will have some plants ready yo go into the greenhouse; I have concentrated on the things I love to eat i.e tomatoes, aubergines, chillis and peppers. I have also got some spaghetti squash which look like fun - you apparently boil them whole and then scoop out the insides, which look like spaghetti.

I was going to plant the seeds this morning, but have suddenly twigged that there are no sodding windowsills in this house :-( why is that? I guess I will have to improvise :-)

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