Thursday, January 22, 2009

The only Mini in the Village

Hello - I have been reprimanded by several people because I haven't updated by blog for ages, so here goes!

I am still doing 4 hours per day at work and to be honest it is enough - by the time I get home I am shattered. It is nice to know tht I still love my job and the people I work with though. I am getting up 15 minutes later than in Mudeford but it is a rush in the morning, especially with the locks on our front door - it is like getting out of bloody Fort Knox - I think I am going to have to start getting up 5 minutes earlier just to unlock the door. If there is ever a fire I think we are done for!! Talking of Fort Knox, we had to call out a locksmith just before Xmas because we couldn't unlock one of the locks and the locksmith was dead excited by the chubb lock that was stuck because he hasn't seen many of them before because he doesn't 'do' the prisons! The lock is called a Chubb Retainer and they are commonly found on cell doors!!

Kitty is now enormous and really quite heavy although not as big as the ginger cat I saw in our garden yesterday - it was bloody enormous - the size of a fox but fluffy. Not sure what sex it was but despite the fact that it is the first cat I have seen around here I quickly discounted it as father material for Kitty's kittens - he (surely it had to be a he) would pulverise her!

H is severely bunged up again so I am trying to improve his diet by stealth! He quite happily ate my chocolate and beetroot muffins this afternoon - I suppose anything tastes ok if it is mixed with enough cocoa and sugar! Whilst making them I had to summon up all my willpower not to retch a the mixture stank and I hate beetroot and I did think for an awful moment that they were going to come out pink and then there would have been no hiding the secret ingredient!

S is grounded at the moment - surpassed herself with her behaviour last weekend!

The house is coming on well; we had to have a new lock on the garage at the weekend because the other one got stuck - my poor little car was stuck in there for a couple of days :-( The single story roof has all been replaced now as have the rooflights so we are water tight at last which is nice. The insides where the rooflights have gone in have been plastered and just need painting now. All we need to do then is get our conservatory sorted out and get some flooring down downstairs; I am fed up with having to wear shoes around the house.

I went back to my pilates class for the first time last night; didn't feel like going but I have been saying that I will go back since Xmas and I didn't want to lose my place in the class. I did have some one to one sessions at home with the teacher before xmas but I still found it really hard last night and the teacher was hinting as to whether or not it was worth me going ;-( I will persevere until the end of this block of lessons. It was lovely to see the couple of people who started with me again and a bit like with work it seemed as if it was only yesterday that I saw them.

H has started attending the village pingpong club which is really sweet - he was dead chuffed with the new bat my Sister bought him for Xmas. It didn't help him much with his matches in the first week of the tournament they ar running, when he got soundly beaten by the two girls in his age group :-)

I saw another Mini in the village today - and I though I had the only Mini in the village! It wasn't half as nice as mine though - it was a lime green old Mr Bean style affair, so I still think I own the nicest Mini in the village.

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